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Each MBTI type lists careers and preferences for the type group based on years of research. Your will find some preferences and career ideas that fit your unique personality and some that do not. Combine your MBTI preferences and your Holland Type along with a Values assessment and a realistic inventory of your abilities to get a more complete picture of which careers might be best for you. 


Percentage of Population: 

12.3% of adults in the US



ESFJ’s prefer to serve other people in practical, tangible ways. They enjoy the success of others and prefer to work for organizations that take care of the employees. They appreciate work environments that are cooperative, traditional and have clear expectations.  ESFJ’s are often found in community service jobs and activities where make warm and friendly contributions toward meeting the needs of others. They like work on the immediate, practical details and can enjoy customer service and sales roles.



Health Care: Physical Therapist, Speech Pathologist, Nurse, Respiratory Therapist, Dietician/Nutritionist, Dentist, Dental Assistant, Optician, Family Physician, Home Health Social Worker, Radiologic Technician, Pediatrics


Education:  Elementary School Teacher, Special Education, Athletic Coach, Bilingual Teacher, Home Economics Teacher, Child Care Provider, Teacher’s Assistant,


Business Services/Other: Bookkeeper, Paralegal, Medical Secretary, Personal Banker, Retail Owner, Merchandise Planner, Receptionist, Customer Service, Real Estate Agent, Insurance Agent, Flight Attendant, Credit Counselor, Social Worker, Child Welfare Worker, Minister



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