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Each MBTI type lists careers and preferences for the type group based on years of research. Your will find some preferences and career ideas that fit your unique personality and some that do not. Combine your MBTI preferences and your Holland Type along with a Values assessment and a realistic inventory of your abilities to get a more complete picture of which careers might be best for you. 


Percentage of Population: 

2.1% of adults in the US



INTJ’s like to solve complex problems through generating new ideas and concepts and developing logical solutions. They enjoy intellectual challenges and are good at creating new systems and with conducting technical analysis. INTJ’s like learning new ideas, are very independent and focused and question and challenge ideas before accepting them. They are skilled at strategic planning and at implementing their plan.



Technical/Science:  Biologist, Chemist, Researcher, Engineer, Computer Systems Analyst, Software Developer, Mathematician, Astronomer, Network Specialist, Pharmaceutical Research, Neurologist, Psychiatrist, Cardiologist, Pharmacologist


Business/Professional: Financial Planner, International Banker, Economist, Investment Banker, Management Consultant, Manager, Business Analyst, Attorney, Judge, Dentist, Human Resources Manager


Creative:  Journalist/Reporter, Actor, Composer, Inventor, Architect, Graphic Design, Editor/Art Director, Writer,


Education: University Professor, Curriculum Designer, School Principal, University Administration



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